Laziest $650/Day Tutorial For Beginners to Make Money Online (2024)

This has to be one of the laziest ways to make hundreds of dollars a day without selling any products. So in this step-by-step tutorial, I want to show you how a simple website like this is making hundreds of dollars a day without selling anything, and I also want to show you how you can set this up without having your own website without recording any videos and With no previous experience, you also don’t need to waste any money on paid ads, and you don’t necessarily need any social media followers in order to do this now.

If you have been following me for a while, you know that we usually speak about this app I called the mob, where, so far as you can see, I made about $45,000 by promoting different offers, and it’s essentially a CPA network where you can find a bunch of different offers where people just have to answer your email address, and then you will be paid. 5 or $6 per email collected, and it’s one of the easiest ways to start making money online.

It doesn’t really pay a lot, but it pays pretty well for something that is pretty easy to do, like collecting emails. Now, there’s a new feature that they have introduced, which is called content lockers. If you go to the content lockers section inside the Tap Mob app, by the way, in order to access this app,. Once you install it on your phone, you have to use an invite code, so you can just use 90495 to access this app, and once you access the app, you can just create a content locker here, and you can start from scratch now.

In this case, I’m just going to call it a video because I want to find a viral video, and you will see exactly what it means. The red direct url is going to be the viral video that we find on YouTube now. You can just go to some of the YouTube channels that are posting viral videos with millions of views.

One of those channels is the daily dose of the internet; they’re posting these mainstream types of funny videos that usually get millions of views. If you go to the most popular videos on their channel, you can see that some of them have tens of millions of views, and they usually have very intriguing thumbnails where you really want to see what actually happened in that video.

That’s the only reason why millions of people are clicking on these images and on these thumbnails. So, for example, a lot of people have clicked on this video where monkeys are running around the city because it’s really intriguing, like, what are those actually monkeys running around?

Like let me see what’s happening and 20 million people have clicked in this thumbnail, so what you can do is you can copy the url of that youtube video. So you just click on copy link address. Then you can just go to google and search for youtube. Thumbnail grabber and you can open up one of these free tools where you can just paste a link to that youtube.

Video and then you can just download the thumbnail with one press of a button. So just click on download as the thumbnail image and you have it on your computer now. The next thing you want to do is you just want to open up canacom, which is a free graphic design tool.

You can just select the custom size, 1080 x, 1080, and you can begin from scratch. You can just go to the upload section. You can just upload that thumbnail that you previously downloaded and, most importantly, you want to go to the elements section and you want to search for play button and you can just drag and drop one of these elements.

So I’m going to use this element as an example, so it looks like it’s a video player. Now I can just download this image to my computer and what we can do again is copy the url of that video and go back to the content locker and just paste the url to that video here in the redir url section now, in order for someone To access this video in order to watch it, they would have to complete a few different tasks and by way you can select some of these templates. I personally like to use the action template over here and then I can just click on save and basically what this is going to do is going to show different offers when they click on the video to watch it.

Here’s the content, locker! I can copy the url of that content locker with one press of a button and once I copy the url, I can start shar sh ing that again. If people want to watch this monkey video they’re going to click on my link and when they click they’re. First, going to be shown some offers, and in order to watch the video they need to complete these offers, where they even have a chance to win something and when they complete those offers, I will earn a commission this case $ 5 or $ 10 per person. That I refer without even selling anything, and then the person can actually watch this video with monkeys.

So what you can do is go to a platform like that is being visited by millions of people and create an account. This is apparently a website where people are sharing these funny memes and images, and they get millions of views.

So what you can do is just click on a new post and upload that image where there’s a player showing up. So if someone wants to watch this video and by the way, I’m just going to copy the exact same style and title because if this video has gotten 20 million clicks, then I can potentially get a lot of clicks as well here and in order for them To watch this video, they will just have to click the link in the description.

So in order to watch this video that’s showing up in this thumbnail, they will just have to click here to watch, and that link is going to be my tap-mob link to the content. Locker link, and then once you’re done, you pretty much just have to share this with the community and click on post publicly. So this is going to go public here in Imur.

People are going to see this; they’re going to see that in order to watch this video where monkeys swarm and take over the city, they’re going to click this link, and when they click that link, they’re going to be shown some ads, and they have to complete some offers to actually watch the video, and when they do, they’re going to be redirected to the original YouTube URL.

Now you can also do the same thing here on Pinterest. You can also create an account and click on it, create a pin and simply do the same thing—literally upload that design You can even copy or paste the thing that you did here on Imur. Just past title here in the description, just say: do you click and Watch the video here, so we have the link, and I’m going to copy this exact same link to my content, locker, and I’m also going to paste it in the link section.

Now, when I publish this, people can view it here on Pinterest. They’re going to see if this is like a video of monkeys running around, and they’re going to be like, All right, I want to watch this video. They have to click on the link, and again, I will be earning a commission whenever they sign up through my link, and that’s how I can make money without even selling anything or having any social media followers.

Quite honestly, this is probably one of the easiest ways to start making money online, but it’s obviously not going to make you rich, and it’s not something that can replace your full-time job. Some people are making hundreds of dollars a month.

Some people are making thousands of dollars a month, but some people barely make less than $100 per month, despite the fact that they’re posting every single day, so there are really no rules. I just like the fact that you can earn some extra money without even selling anything, and I wanted to share that with you. If you got some value out of this step-by-step tutorial, make sure to drop a like down below.

And I will see you in some of the next ones: