All Aboard! The LEGO Ideas Orient Express Set Arrives December 2023

All Aboard! The LEGO Ideas Orient Express Set Arrives December 2023
All Aboard! The LEGO Ideas Orient Express Set Arrives December 2023

The iconic Orient Express train is coming to life in LEGO form! LEGO has officially announced the LEGO Ideas Orient Express set, allowing builders to recreate this legendary luxury passenger train in brick form. After reaching 10,000 supporter votes on LEGO Ideas, the fan creation by designer Thomas Lajon has been picked by LEGO to become an official set. This beautifully detailed LEGO recreation of the Orient Express is set to be released on December 1, 2023.

A Brief History of the Orient Express

The Orient Express has captured the imagination of travelers for over 140 years. The luxury passenger train service first began operating in 1883, aiming to provide a direct rail route from Paris to Constantinople (Istanbul). The Orient Express offered a luxurious way for wealthy travelers to journey across Europe in style.The iconic blue and gold livery, gleaming wooden panels, and Art Deco styling made the Orient Express synonymous with intrigue and elegance.

Over its years of operation it carried royalty, aristocrats, diplomats, business people, and spies. The train service even inspired some famous fiction, appearing in novels like Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express.After surviving two world wars, the rise of air travel led to the decline of the Orient Express. The direct Paris to Istanbul service ended in 1977. Various rail routes continued under the Orient Express name until 2009, when the name was retired. But the legend of this train lives on.

Bringing the Train to Life in LEGO

The LEGO Ideas Orient Express set brilliantly captures the romance and nostalgia of this iconic train. LEGO designers have carefully studied archival images and historical accounts to authentically recreate the Orient Express in brick form.The set includes over 2,500 pieces to build a locomotive, coal tender, dining car, passenger car, baggage car, and an observation car. Realistic details abound, from the classic navy blue and gold livery to the wood-paneled coaches with interior lighting.

Seven minifigures are included depicting passengers and crew members like a locomotive engineer, pianist, bartender, dancer, and more. The observation car even has a removable roof allowing a peek inside at the detailed Art Deco-inspired interior styling.This set is the ultimate collector’s item for both LEGO enthusiasts and train lovers. The LEGO Group’s designers have perfectly translated the elegant Art Deco design into LEGO elements. It promises to be a challenging and rewarding build experience.

Behind the Scenes: How This Set Came to Be

The Orient Express has long been one of the most requested LEGO Ideas projects. LEGO fans have submitted various Orient Express designs over the years, but none succeeded until now.The winning design comes from Thomas Lajon (LEGO Ideas user name LEt.sGO), a LEGO fan from Paris. Thomas shared that he has had a lifelong love of trains, ships, and planes. The Orient Express represents the kind of luxurious travel he dreams of experiencing.

Thomas began working on his LEGO interpretation of the Orient Express in 2021. He focused on recreating the train’s distinct Art Deco style, elegant wooden coaches, and realistic functions like removable roofs. The locomotive and cars are modeled after the iconic 1920-30s era of Orient Express service.After refining the design and optimizing the part count, Thomas published his Orient Express project on LEGO Ideas in April 2021. Over the next year and a half he actively promoted his project within the LEGO fan community. Finally in October 2022 his design was selected for production, becoming the 52nd LEGO Ideas set.

Set Details

The LEGO Ideas Orient Express set has the following specifications:

  • Set Number: 21344
  • Piece Count: 2,540 pieces
  • Price: $299.99 USD / £259.99 GBP
  • Release Date: December 1, 2023

At over 2,500 pieces, this intricate set will offer a rewarding build challenge. The set captures the 1930s era of the Orient Express in stunning detail. It will take pride of place in any LEGO collection.The set measures over 4 feet long when completed. It includes the following brick-built models:

  • Steam locomotive
  • Coal tender
  • Dining car
  • Passenger car
  • Baggage car
  • Observation car

The observation car has a removable roof for accessing the detailed interior. And the locomotive roof can be removed to view the engine. The LEGO designers have packed in authentic details from end-to-end.

Will you be taking a ride?

The LEGO Ideas Orient Express looks set to be one of the most popular LEGO sets of 2023. This iconic train is flawlessly translated into LEGO form, capturing its elegance and grandeur.For LEGO fans, train enthusiasts, or anyone who loves the style of the 1920-30s era, this set is a dream come true. The build experience will be immensely enjoyable and rewarding. And it will make an eye-catching display piece when completed.The LEGO Ideas Collection specializes in sets for expert builders that recreate iconic vehicles, buildings, and more.

The Orient Express is a perfect addition to the series.This set will only be available directly from LEGO, not third party retailers. The recommended retail price is $299.99 USD / £259.99 GBP. You can place your order on starting December 1, 2023 to secure your copy.All aboard! The LEGO Ideas Orient Express is pulling into the station this December. Start making room on your shelves or display case. This is one train you won’t want to miss!