Earn $10-$50 with ChatGpt | Make Money from ChatGpt | Best Earning Apps 2024 | ChatGPT Trading

Earn $10-$50 with ChatGpt | Make Money from ChatGpt | Best Earning Apps 2024 | ChatGPT Trading

Hi friends, how are you, today we are talking about whether we can make extra income from Chat GPT, friend, when Chat GPT can do so many things, then if we can earn from $10 to $20 or $40 a day. If it starts giving, then it can be a very good thing, so let’s try it today, okay let’s do an experiment, let me show it to you people, now let me tell those people who do not know Chat GPT, that Chat GPT is an AI but Artificial Intelligence. It is a butt which has a mind of its own, it has its own data inside it, whatever you tell it, it will do it. Like. For example, let me show you people that I have given a promote to Chat GPT, Promote means I have written a message to Chat GPT. I have asked you to do.

This, brother, write a script for a movie for Shahrukh Khan in which Shahrukh Khan is preparing. For UPSC, he is preparing for IAS, if he fails in it, he becomes a successful businessman. Write a story on it, I told this to Char GPT and I wrote the promotion, you can see, now you see for yourself. In the chat, GPT started writing everything about the movie. Here, title etc. Char GPT said, Brother Shahrukh Khan.

That the title of this movie will be Pursuit of Success Right and if I want to give Hindi title then it will give Hindi. Also, I just have to write here Right Hindi title, after that it also wrote the story that Shahrukh Khan’s name will be Rahul Sharma who is a There will be an ambitious boy who will think of cracking UPSC. But he will not be able to do it, after that I have written a lot of complete story, I will put the link of this story in the description below, you go and read it and if anyone knows Shahrukh Khan. Then Also tell him the script because these days Shahrukh Khan is doing different films.

Can Chat GPT Help You Earn Extra Income?

Well, this was a joke, now let’s talk about whether a chat GPT can help us to earn regular income. I told that we are a. If you try an experiment then what is that experiment? Let’s understand, if you want to earn money quickly, then there are only two ways by which a person can earn money quickly. The first way is to go and rob the bank, which you will not rob, nor am I suggesting you. I will do it, okay if you rob the bank then you will have to go to jail. What is the other way, which is the genuine way?

Let’s talk beyond that. Look, if you understand how to trade here, you know, if you have a basic knowledge of trading, then you can become quick here. You can make money, that is, you can make it quickly, although I will not say that you will become a millionaire overnight, cars will come, you can take them home, see, this does not happen. In trading, one also needs knowledge in trading, only after that the person makes money, it is okay that you. We also know that without knowledge no one can earn money from trading but can there be a system where Pay Chat GPT or AI bots like this can help us in trading?

Let me give you an example of trading. Money is made quickly, like I have kept the screen open regarding the share rights of Phos, today its price is running at ₹ 1 21, okay and throughout the day, friends, let me tell you that it has gone up to 1417 and has gone high. ₹ 1 36.

So suppose if someone buys it in the whole day at 1417 and sells it at 1425, then he will make profit and he can make profit in a single day, this is also called intraday trading, okay so what? We can do something so that Chair GPT or such AI ​​butts can help us, let’s talk about this, but if you have come to the channel for the first time, what to do is to subscribe the channel and press the bell icon so that whenever we watch such videos, Let’s bring it to you so that it reaches you first, subscribe. Let’s talk, brother, what do you have to do here, I will tell you, here you have to write google3, okay, explore gpt, go to explore gpt and enter it, you see.

Exploring the Possibilities of AI-Powered Trading Bots

There will be an option here to explore GPT, so if you people do not know then let me tell you, there are many different types of chats. Here, you can check the versions inside GPT which are different for different people. These are paid versions, so here when I wrote trading, here you can see one related to trading, GPT has come here which can assist you in which share you should buy, analyze and Which one should not be done, then it is okay for that. But here you have to pay something in dollars. As you can see, you will have to take a plan of $20, so if you want to do it, you can do it from here, although this fee of four GPT is Rs. There are different types of assistants, there are different GPTs, their job is to assist you, it is not important whether it is 100% accurate or not, but what if there is a free solution here which you guys can use.

So when I checked, there are many AI tools available in today’s time which can help you people in trading and learning trading through which an extra income can be made. This is how I found a trading bot whose name is Limp Robot, you guys can see that this is Olympus robot, it is a kind of AI tool, AI. Robot is a chat bot, you can call it which helps you in trading and Right. Here you can trade in different assets etc. I will show you how to setup it. Here, you will get the link of Lim Trade. In the description below, you have to go to.

Unlocking the Potential of Chat GPT for Financial Gain

After going here, you have to click on the Start Trading option. After clicking, you have to enter your email ID. I have entered my email ID here which is my already registered one. If you visit this website for the first time, then automatically Ok, you will see the register option. Here, you have to enter the email password and verify your email ID. Here, you will be registered, after this there are some benefits, I would like to tell you, so basically what is this?
This robot I have got for limp trade is a kind of chat but you can call it or AI but call it which trades on your behalf in different assets.

Right I will tell you as if it has become gold or. When metals are separated etc.,. He trades in them, he buys them on your behalf, when the price increases, he sells it due to which you get profit, this is how it happens and here its bid accuracy is 63. Apart from this, it has been told that it is easy to setup, right, anyone can setup it, as I told you, here you have to sign up, now I will also take you to the account and tell you how trading is done and how there are many people who They are also earning regular income from this. They are also earning extra income.

We will talk about that later. Right, I have also seen examples of some people who withdraw up to $10, $1, $20 every day. It does not mean that someone comes to a car bungalow but. Yes, the expenses are definitely covered, if your 000,15500 is coming out daily, you know, from one trade. But it is not a bad deal, you can say that, okay, then let me tell you guys, it is easy to setup here, apart from that, you know. Right here you will see charts etc. Apart from this, here let me tell you that the strategy which works is tried and tested right on previous data, so you do not need to learn technical.

Here, this is already yours. But it is learned, so it is written on your basis, when you set the amount etc.,. Setup it. Here, it does it for you and pay it. Here, you know the strategy. Already, I have just shown you how easily Chat GBT is. He has written the script, it is not about the script, meaning if you want to get your questions solved for the exam. Here, you can do that, apart from this you have to get the mistakes corrected in any you know article written. Here, you can do that. Here you don’t know how advanced YouTube2 GPT is, that is, a person could not even think of it. When it did not come, that is why Chat GPT became the fastest downloaded application, you also already know because its use cases were so many that.

When something like this came for the first time, people were surprised and this is just the beginning of this method of trading which can be done for you, you do not need to learn any strategy. Here, it is for you. We will do it already, you just have to manage the risk here and they will do all the work. Right, it does it in this way and apart from this, you also get a demo account. Here, a demo account through which you can trade etc. If you can do demo etc. Then you get that also here and there is fraud detection and fraud prevention. Too, right, your account details are 100% secure. So let’s try it. Here, there is no harm in trying demo account.

So you are getting it already, there is no risk, try it, test it, do it if you understand, otherwise don’t do it, it is so easy, now the app is available, it is available on Play Store, this is the one I am talking about and You are about to come to the store, so let’s login. Here, you guys will create your account, I will login here, then you can see that we have logged in, okay, this is how this platform appears, there are many People start getting nervous. After seeing the chart that sir, what are you telling me, I don’t understand the chart, we don’t need to understand it, friend, here we are working on AI but which has already understood many things, meaning if If you race between a computer and a human on calculations or speed, the computer will always win. The EQ level that humans have, the emotional level, remains high, which is not yet found in robots, but the calculation power of robots.

If it is more then here there is a kind of AI butt, okay, which already knows the things, so what you have to do. Here, see, you can see, you will already get a demo account in which you will not have your real money, in which you can test the strategy and see.

You can do this once you understand the things you know, then you can also go to the real account. If you click on the demo right then you can see that this option of your real account will come. Okay, so you can check it here. You can do it right now, I will tell you all the things, I will show you how it happens by trading on the demo account itself. When you come here, select your initial amount from $10 $20 $30, how much you want to trade, with Let’s we trade for $10, duration. Keep it for 1 minute. 1 minute means within 1 minute. It will select which thing to sell and which thing to buy. It will do it in the duration of 1 minute, so keep it for 1 minute. Apart from this, here you will see the option of auto selection.

Here, do auto selection, that is, leave it on which asset you want to trade, whether you want to do it on commodity, crypto, gold, or you know the other indices etc. Here, then you have to do it on that. Select auto and leave it. After that, friends, you have to select the technical indicator here. Right here, when you create your account, friends, you are here and log in to Lim Trade. Also, then you can also select this indicator summary. Yes, otherwise you can do MSCD etc.

There is no problem, it is a very reputed indicator, it is very old, it will ask you how much risk you have to take, what strategy to use, whether you have to go aggressively or whether you have to take normal risk, if you want to take less risk then you are here. You can see that there is low risk in fixed amount in which your balance should be at least when you are doing real trading. Then it should be ₹ 5000000. If you want to take medium risk then you should take ₹ 1500000. Then you should take 37500. If you are doing right starting level then low risk.

Do it, I would suggest right and first try. The demo, do not trade with real money, because of any type of trading, friends, there is always a little risk, however here we are doing chat but the chances of our accuracy are more. But take the risk as per your own, so first of all I would suggest that if anyone is doing it, then go for the low risk right, after that friends, you should set the profit limit. Here that brother, if $20 means $10, I have invested $10, that is.

I have invested around 800 ₹ here and if he sells me ₹ 1000000 more and will try to extract profit for you. Here, I mean, when I came to know about this thing, I was very surprised myself because if this method. If things start coming faster then you understand that there is no point in trading, the future of trading will change, people will not need to learn trading, this type of chat bot will have to trade and it will trade for you, things like this. It can also be right, it has already started here. If someone comes, he will show it to you here. This is going on live in front of you.

It is okay, whatever profit comes, he will show it to you, it is not necessary to make this profit every time. So during the interval of 1 minute, it will buy one thing and try to sell it for more profit. If it gets profit in that time then it is ok, it will show as you can see, here I am making profit of $9. Right, if I want, I can stop the trade from the robot and leave from here with my $9. If I want the robot to give me a profit of up to $2, then I have to keep it running and not stop it because here we have. The level that was set, how much was it, was it for $20, whenever this AI bud makes a profit of $20, the trade will be stopped automatically, otherwise whatever profit will be made, it will be shown. Here, you can see that the profit of $9 is being made.

If you want, you can take exit from here also, so let’s take exit here, stop rubbed, confirmed, so you can see friends, as soon as we stopped the trade, here our balance is updated, we are the first. 9 more than what was the balance. 40 You people can also check the balance here. Okay, we told you this in the demo. In this way, you can also do real trade. Whatever will be your payment, friends, you can withdraw it. You can do right payment option here and you can also transfer whatever money you have to your bank account etc.

This is a new concept friends, you saw Chat GPT and you were surprised but Chat GPT is just. This is the beginning of AI Butts. In the coming time, you will see people in trading. Also, you will also see them in investment and they have already started appearing. You can check from All Butts, it is a very good way for extra income for those who do not know trading.

You can start and as far as investing is concerned, there is risk in everything as I tell you but this method can definitely help you in making things a little easier, rest then I will say as I In every investment video of mine, I say that whenever you make any investment, do it wisely and take your risk. Because friends, it is possible for someone to lose ₹ 5000000, it is also nothing because every person’s investment criteria are different.

Every person has what you can say that you know about taking risks, you can say that even if they are different, then you should think and do it. According to your own, this was a method which I told you, if you understood and liked it. So you can try it by creating an account in the description and write to me in the comment box.

To tell me what happened to you, how was your experience, how did you like their platform, they also have their application, you can go there and check it, how did I like the video.