How to Make $150 a Day Online: 7 Proven Methods for Beginners

If you’re looking to make $150 a day online, there are various proven methods you can explore, even as a beginner. From running faceless YouTube channels to leveraging your skills and expertise, the opportunities are diverse and lucrative.

Making $150 a day through a faceless YouTube channel

Start by creating faceless YouTube channels where you can generate content without showing your face. For example, top 10 videos and lists are popular formats that attract viewers. To make $150 a day, create and optimize 60 videos aiming for 250 views per day each. Achieving a $10 CPM with these videos can help you meet your target. Additionally, channels in certain niches can earn even higher CPM, potentially making up to $800 per day. Niches like finance, technology, health, and travel tend to have higher CPM rates. You can also explore selling digital products, such as ebooks and guides, through platforms like Gumroad to reach your $150 daily goal.

Selling digital products and online courses without showing your face

Another method is to create and sell digital products and online courses. Explore popular categories such as business, money, education, and self-improvement. Subcategories within these niches also offer potential for sales. For instance, creating and selling guides as lead magnets for online courses can be a profitable endeavor. You can also develop online courses based on your expertise and promote them for passive income. To boost earnings, consider affiliating with others to promote their courses for high commissions.

Make $150 a day by running Instagram theme Pages

Leverage Instagram theme Pages to generate income through shoutouts, advertising, or promoting other brands and products. Pages can grow organically by reposting content from other influencers and monetized through platforms like Running a network of pages on social media can also lead to a substantial income. Promoting shoutouts and affiliate products on Instagram presents profitable opportunities for earning $150 a day.

Video editing and promoting software as an affiliate

Video editing is a high-demand skill that can help you earn $150 per day by editing YouTube videos for creators. Additionally, promoting software as an affiliate is another avenue to consider. You can choose low payout partner products with monthly subscription charges, which can still be profitable. Promoting software with recurring commissions can lead to consistent monthly income, significantly contributing to your $150 daily target.

Growing a profitable YouTube channel

Growing a profitable YouTube channel is a sustainable way to make money online. Subscribers generate recurring income, provided they stay subscribed to engaging content. Continuously growing and replacing unsubscribers can lead to consistent earnings. Consider leveraging your skills and creativity to build a loyal audience and meet your income goals.


With these 7 proven methods, making $150 a day online as a beginner is within reach. Whether it’s leveraging social media, creating digital products, or honing marketable skills, the opportunities are diverse and accessible.